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Some of you may remember this series as Battle of the Planets, others as G-Force.  You might even know it more recently as Eagle Riders. But before all of that,  it was Tatsunoko's "Kagaku Ninja Tai Gatchaman", a popular anime series that aired in Japan in the 1970s along with it's follow-up sequels Gatchaman II, Gatchaman Fighter and the 1994 OAVs.

The story takes place in Earth's future, which is threatened by an organization of terrorists called Gallactor, out for world domination.The team consists of five teenagers specially trained to combat Gallactor using their special abilities, weapons and team spirit.

 Did I forget to mention that they dress like birds?

Do you know our heroes?

Owashi no Ken, or Eagle Ken. The fearless and dedicated leader of the team, driven to stop the forces of Gallactor.  His weapon is the Birdrang (or boomerang with a razor sharp edge). He's the pretty boy of the team but is usually oblivious when a girl falls for him, as his role as Gatchaman is way too important for him to be distracted. When he's not Gatchaman, he is a small plane pilot and lives on a small airfield.

Kondoru no Joe, or Condor Joe.  He's the team badboy with a scary temper, driven by revenge to stop Gallactor.  His weapon is the feather shuriken. When he's not kicking Gallactor butt, he is on the racetrack and lives out of a trailer that gets him from race to race.  For more about Joe, complete with more images, click the image of the Condor to the right....Spoilers Galore....Ken and Joe have a love/hate relationship as most brothers do, though they are not related.  For screencaps from various Gatchmana episodes, visit Condor Joe's Trailer.

Shiratori no Jun, or Swan Jun.  The girl of the team and certainly not the least capable.  She's the mechanical and computer expert of the team.  Her fighting ability usually leaves a few stunned Gallactor passed out on the floor.  Her weapon is a deadly yo-yo that has hooks and explosives attached to it.  She doesn't get into trouble "too" much...When she's not blowing up mecha, she's running the Snack J, a bar/club.  She has adopted and takes care of Jinpei.  The two are as close to each other as real siblings can be.

Tsubakurou no Jinpei, or Swallow Jinpei.  The tiniest and youngest one of the team.  He's a tough and agile little guy who also gives Gallactors a run for their money, but still in some need of resuing, at least in the first series.  His weapon is a bolo with razor edges and explosives attached. Though dedicated, he's often the prankster of the team.  When not on duty he helps Jun run the Snack J, or ceaselessly teases her which results in him getting yelled at, thwapped or both. For a great page dedicated to the swallow go to Jinpei's Room.

Mimizuku no Ryu, or Horned Owl Ryu, the GodPhoenix pilot. The biggest and sweetest guy on the team, ruled by his heart. Though he can be gentle, I wouldn't expect it if you're a Gallactor in disguise. His weapon is a gun with a cable, but more often than not, his whole body. Ryu is the only member who still has living family (who are unaware that he is the Horned Owl), and as a result, Ken tries to keep him out of trouble.  He enjoys the simple life and enjoys cracking jokes at the expense of the others.
He considers the others an extension of his family.

Dr. Nambu is the team mentor. He appears to be a quiet, mature, strict and business-as-usual kind of guy. He is highly respected for his knowledge of Astrophysics. He is also responsible for hand-picking and training each member of the Science Ninja Team. He is the chief scientist of the ISO (International Science Organization) that was formed to combat Gallactor. Sometimes, he appears quite emotionless and other times he can be seen obviously shaken, for example, when he lost his best friend.

Berg Katse is the general of the Gallactor forces. He/She is a mutant created by SosaiX, Gallactor's leader, who merged two fraternal twins.  Katse can change from male to female as he wishes, however when he was younger, was not able to control this change.  By digging up old records Nambu figured out Katse's secret. See the pretty face behind the mask.

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